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Brian Greene, a famous American theoretical physicist and string theorist, has a net worth of $2 million. He is known for his contributions to various areas of physics and has authored several books.

Key facts:

  • Brian Greene is an American theoretical physicist and string theorist.
  • He is a professor at Columbia University.
  • Greene is the chairman and co-founder of the World Science Festival.
  • He has made significant contributions in the area of describing the flop transition and relating two different Calabi-Yau manifolds.
  • Greene has authored several books including The Elegant Universe, Icarus at the Edge of Time, The Hidden Reality, and The Fabric of the Cosmos.

Basic Information About Brian Greene

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Authors
ProfessionsWriter, Actor, Physicist, Professor, Theoretical Physicist, Author
Net worth$2,000,000
Date of birth1963-02-09 (61 years old)
Place of birthNew York City
NationalityUnited States of America
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Brian Greene roles

Movie / Series Role
Space's Deepest SecretsSelf - Theoretical Physicist 5 episodes, 2017-2018
The Late Show with Stephen ColbertSelf / ... 4 episodes, 2015-2017
The UniverseSelf - Prof. Math & Physics, Columbia University 1 episode, 2007
The Big Bang TheoryBrian Greene 1 episode, 2011

Interesting Facts about Brian Greene

  1. His father, Alan Greene, a one-time vaudeville performer, later worked as a voice coach and composer.
  2. Brian R. Greene is one of the world's leading string theorists. A child prodigy in mathematics, he could multiply 30-digit numbers at the age of five. In 6th grade, Greene was so far ahead of his school in math that he had to find a tutor at Columbia University. He entered Harvard in 1980 to major in physics, and with his bachelor's degree, Greene went to Oxford University, in England, as a Rhodes scholar. His book "The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory" (1999) was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in nonfiction. He also occasionally enjoys acting, helping John Lithgow with scientific dialogue for the series 3rd Rock from the Sun (1996), and he had a cameo role in the film Frequency (2000).
  3. Area of Study: String Theory, Quantum Gravity
  4. Professor of Physics and Mathematics at Columbia University, New York, NY.

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