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David Azrieli is a famous Canadian-Israeli real estate tycoon, developer, and philanthropist with a net worth of $2.9 billion. As the head of Canpro Investments Ltd., Azrieli has built an impressive real estate empire in both North America and Israel, including notable projects such as the Azrieli Center in Tel Aviv and the Jerusalem Shopping Mall in Malcha. His success in the industry has earned him prestigious honors, including the Order of Canada and the Order of Quebec.

Key facts:

  • David Azrieli is a Canadian-Israeli real estate tycoon, developer, designer, architect, and philanthropist.
  • He is the head of Montreal-based Canpro Investments Ltd. and has successfully expanded his North American and Israeli real estate empire.
  • Azrieli is known for his involvement in the construction of prominent office buildings and shopping malls in Israel, including the Jerusalem Shopping Mall in Malcha, Jerusalem, and Kanion ha-Negev in Beersheba.
  • His most notable achievement is the creation of the Azrieli Center in Tel Aviv, which has become an iconic landmark in the city.
  • Azrieli has received numerous prestigious honors for his contributions, including the Order of Canada, the Order of Quebec, and the State of Israel Jubilee Award.
  • He has also been presented with honorary degrees from universities around the world, including a Master's degree in architecture from Carleton University when he was 75 years old.
  • Azrieli is an avid art collector with a large Jewish art collection, part of which is displayed at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and the Haifa Museum of Art.

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CategoryBusiness β€Ί Billionaires
ProfessionsArchitect, Real estate development, Businessperson
Net worth$2,900,000,000
Date of birth1922-05-10
Place of birthMakΓ³w Mazowiecki
Date of death2014-07-09 (aged 92)
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