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Guillermo del Toro is a Famous Mexican director and producer with a net worth of $40 million. Known for his stunning fantasy films like ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ and ‘The Shape of Water,’ both Academy Award winners, del Toro is considered one of the most influential people in the industry. Alongside his directing career, he is also a talented special effects makeup artist, writer, and producer. Despite facing challenges early in his career, del Toro’s unique vision and dedication have solidified his place among Hollywood’s top filmmakers.

Key facts:

  • Guillermo del Toro is a Mexican director and producer.
  • He is best known for creating stunning fantasy films, including 'Pan's Labyrinth' and 'The Shape of Water,' both of which won Academy Awards.
  • Del Toro is also a talented special effects makeup artist, writer, and producer.
  • He has written several novels, some of which have been adapted into comic book series.
  • Guillermo del Toro is considered one of the most influential people in the film industry and was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2019.

Basic Information About Guillermo del Toro

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Directors
ProfessionsFilm director, Screenwriter, Film Producer, Actor, Novelist, Television Director, Television producer, Voice Actor
Net worth$40,000,000
Date of birth1964-10-09 (59 years old)
Place of birthGuadalajara
Curiosities and TrademarksOften uses insects or insect imagery
Uses a lot of religious relics and artifacts. Always mentions Catholicism
Archangels, symbols and other religious items
Many of his films have major scenes based in underground areas such as subways systems (Mimic (1997), Hellboy (2004)), sewers (Blade II (2002)), or large basements (El espinazo del diablo (2001)).
Likes to use amber as a dominant color in his movies. This is especially noticeable in Blade II (2002) and Hellboy (2004).
Clockwork designs and motifs (for example, Kroenen's lair in Hellboy (2004) and the captain's obsession with his father's watch in Pan's Labyrinth (2006)).
Often casts Ron Perlman, Doug Jones, and Federico Luppi
Frequently works with cinematographer Guillermo Navarro
One or more of his protagonists are often strongly and pivotally influenced by their father figures.
His films frequently show an autopsy or have a scene set in a morgue. The autopsy is often performed on a non-human character.
Films often feature a portal that leads to different worlds
His works often feature horrifying but visually striking creatures with noticeably inhuman appearances
Use of gothic architecture in his production designs
Monsters in his works are often sympathetic despite their nature and horrifying appearances.
Often casts non-American actors as American characters
Often works with Jonathan Hyde, Charlie Hunnam and Burn Gorman
His films often have sinister or outright evil parental figures
He has shot many of the films that he directed in the 1.85:1 aspect ratio.
Known for working on multiple projects at once
SpouseLorenza Newton - (1986 - 2017)Β (divorced)Β (2 children)
Height5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
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What Movie Awards did Guillermo del Toro win?


Golden Globe

Golder Raspberry


1 1 0 1 47

Guillermo del Toro awards

Award Name State Movie / Series Name Year
Hugo - Best Dramatic Presentation - Long FormNomineeHellboy II: The Golden Army2009
Rondo Statuette - Best FilmNomineeHellboy II: The Golden Army2008
Hugo - Best Dramatic Presentation - Long FormNomineeThe Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey2013
Bram Stoker Award - ScreenplayNomineeCrimson Peak2015
Dragon Award - Best Science Fiction or Fantasy MovieNomineeCrimson Peak2016
Rondo Statuette - Best MovieNomineeCrimson Peak2015
BAFTA Film Award - Best Film not in the English LanguageWinnerEl laberinto del fauno2007
Award of the Argentinean Academy - Best Foreign FilmNomineeEl laberinto del fauno2007
EDA Award - Best PictureWinnerEl laberinto del fauno2006
Silver Condor - Best Foreign Film, Spanish Language (Mejor PelΓ­cula Iberoamericana)WinnerEl laberinto del fauno2008
AFCA Award - Best Original ScreenplayWinnerEl laberinto del fauno2007
Bodil - Best Non-American Film (Bedste ikke-amerikanske film)WinnerEl laberinto del fauno2008
Palme d'Or - NomineeEl laberinto del fauno2006
International Fantasy Film Award - Best FilmWinnerEl laberinto del fauno2007
FCCA Award - Best Foreign Language FilmNomineeEl laberinto del fauno2008
Fotogramas de Plata - Best Spanish Film (Mejor PelΓ­cula EspaΓ±ola)WinnerEl laberinto del fauno2007
Audience Award - Best International FilmWinnerEl laberinto del fauno2007
Goya - Best Original Screenplay (Mejor GuiΓ³n Original)WinnerEl laberinto del fauno2007
Hugo - Best Dramatic Presentation - Long FormWinnerEl laberinto del fauno2007
JosΓ© MarΓ­a ForquΓ© Award - 25th AnniversaryWinnerEl laberinto del fauno2020
ALFS Award - Director of the YearNomineeEl laberinto del fauno2007
FIPRESCI Prize - Best Foreign Language FilmWinnerEl laberinto del fauno2007
Premio ACE - Cinema - Best FilmWinnerEl laberinto del fauno2007
Premio Guarani - Best Foreign FilmNomineeEl laberinto del fauno2007
Rondo Statuette - Best FilmWinnerEl laberinto del fauno2006
Sant Jordi - Best Film (Mejor PelΓ­cula EspaΓ±ola)WinnerEl laberinto del fauno2007
Nebula Award - Best ScriptWinnerEl laberinto del fauno2008
Audience Award - Best Spanish FilmWinnerEl laberinto del fauno2007
Huading Award - Best Global Director for a Motion PictureWinnerPacific Rim2014
Hugo - Best Dramatic Presentation - Long FormNomineePacific Rim2014
Rondo Statuette - Best FilmNomineePacific Rim2013
Bradbury Award - NomineePacific Rim2014
Oscar - Best Achievement in DirectingWinnerThe Shape of Water2018
Amanda - Best Foreign Feature Film (Γ…rets utenlandske kinofilm)NomineeThe Shape of Water2018
AFCA Award - Best DirectorWinnerThe Shape of Water2018
ACCA - Best DirectorWinnerThe Shape of Water2017
Bodil - Best American Film (Bedste amerikanske film)NomineeThe Shape of Water2019
Bram Stoker Award - ScreenplayNomineeThe Shape of Water2017
Cinema Brazil Grand Prize - Best Foreign-Language Film (Melhor Filme Estrangeiro)NomineeThe Shape of Water2019
Robert - Best English Language Film (Γ…rets engelsksprogede film)NomineeThe Shape of Water2019
DGA Award - Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature FilmWinnerThe Shape of Water2018
Golden Carp Film Award - International - Best Achievement in DirectingWinnerThe Shape of Water2018
Gold Derby Award - DirectorWinnerThe Shape of Water2018
Golden Globe - Best Director - Motion PictureWinnerThe Shape of Water2018
Golden Schmoes - Best Director of the YearWinnerThe Shape of Water2017
Truly Moving Picture Award - WinnerThe Shape of Water2017
Hugo - Best Dramatic Presentation - Long FormNomineeThe Shape of Water2018
KCFCC Award - Best DirectorWinnerThe Shape of Water2017
Sierra Award - Best DirectorWinnerThe Shape of Water2017
Nikkan Sports Film Award - Best Foreign FilmNomineeThe Shape of Water2018

Guillermo del Toro roles

Movie / Series Role
HellboyGuy Dressed as Dragon (uncredited)
Hellboy II: The Golden ArmyDirector
Hellboy II: The Golden ArmyWriter
Hellboy II: The Golden ArmyWriter
Hellboy II: The Golden ArmyCreature Vocals (voice) (uncredited)
The Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyWriter
Crimson PeakDirector
Crimson PeakWriter
Nightmare AlleyDirector
Nightmare AlleyWriter
The Hobbit: The Desolation of SmaugWriter
The WitchesWriter
El laberinto del faunoDirector
El laberinto del faunoWriter
Quantum of SolaceAdditional Voices (voice)
Pacific RimDirector
Pacific RimWriter
The Shape of WaterDirector
The Shape of WaterWriter
The Shape of WaterWriter
The Shape of WaterAmphibian Man (voice) (uncredited)
Scary Stories to Tell in the DarkWriter
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five ArmiesWriter
Blade IIDirector
The Book of LifeLand of the Remembered Captain's Wife (voice)
El espinazo del diabloDirector
El espinazo del diabloWriter
Puss in BootsMoustache Man / Comandante (voice)
CronosMan Walking Dog (uncredited)
Don't Be Afraid of the DarkWriter
Don't Be Afraid of the DarkCreature (voice)
Diary of the DeadNewsreader (voice) (uncredited)
The StrainDirector
The StrainWriter
The StrainWriter
The StrainWriter
The StrainWriter
It's Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaPappy McPoyle 2 episodes, 2012-2016
Made in HollywoodSelf 3 episodes, 2013-2017
Mickey and the Roadster RacersMr. Talbot 1 episode, 2018
The SimpsonsDirector
The SimpsonsGuillermo del Toro 1 episode, 2019

Guillermo del Toro's Quotes

  • When you have the intuition that there is something which is there, but out of the reach of your physical world, art and religion are the only means to get to it.
  • Aside from being a perfect Hellboy, he is a gentleman, a friend to die for, a great actor and - for the ladies - he has the sexiest male voice this side of Barry White. What more can one ask for? - On Ron Perlman, 2002.
  • I remember the worst experience of my life, even above the kidnapping of my father, was shooting Mimic (1997) [del Toro's first Hollywood feature, in 1997, which was severely compromised by producer interference]. Because what was happening to me and the movie was far more illogical than kidnapping, which is brutal, but at least there are rules. Now when I look at Mimic, what I see is the pain of a deeply flawed creature that could have been so beautiful.
  • It would be a clichΓ© to say that, because I am a Mexican, I see death in a certain way. But I have seen more than my share of corpses, certainly more than the average First World guy. I worked for months next to a morgue that I had to go through to get to work. I've seen people being shot; I've had guns put to my head; I've seen people burnt alive, stabbed, decapitated ... because Mexico is still a very violent place. So I do think that some of that element in my films comes from a Mexican sensibility.
  • The sign of a true friendship is when you can forgive success.

Guillermo del Toro's photos

Interesting Facts about Guillermo del Toro

  1. Became a vegetarian after seeing The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) but only for four years. Currently, he's no longer a vegetarian.
  2. Turned down a chance to direct Blade: Trinity (2004), AVP: Alien vs. Predator (2004) and Harry Potter en de gevangene van Azkaban (2004) to work on his dream project: Hellboy (2004).
  3. Fought the film studios for almost seven years to get Ron Perlman for the title role in Hellboy (2004). The studio wanted a bigger name to ensure the success of the movie, but del Toro thought that Perlman was the perfect choice and wouldn't make the movie if he wasn't cast.
  4. He is friends with fellow successful Mexican directors Alfonso CuarΓ³n and Alejandro G. IΓ±Γ‘rritu.
  5. Has a photographic memory.
  6. Following his international breakthrough, his father was kidnapped for ransom in Mexico in 1997, and held for seventy-two days until the money was paid. Fellow filmmaker James Cameron helped secure the ransom money. Although del Toro still frequently works in Mexico, he has relocated his family to the USA out of fear of more kidnappings.
  7. In a January 2007 interview on the radio program "Fresh Air with Terry Gross," said that his strictly Catholic grandmother was a "Piper Laurie in Carrie (1976)" figure in his childhood. He told Gross that his grandmother would require him to mortify himself in self-punishment, in one case placing metal bottle caps into his shoes so that the soles of his feet were bloodied while walking to school. She also tried to exorcise him twice because of his persistent interest in fantasy and drawing monsters from his imagination.
  8. His favorite movie monsters are Frankenstein's Monster and the Creature of the Black Lagoon.
  9. In 2007, he was one of 10 Mexican Oscar-nominees. The others were Alejandro G. IΓ±Γ‘rritu, Guillermo Arriaga, Adriana Barraza, Alfonso CuarΓ³n, Guillermo Navarro, Emmanuel Lubezki, Eugenio Caballero, Pilar Revuelta and Fernando CΓ‘mara.
  10. Lost 45 lbs. while making Pan's Labyrinth (2006), which he admitted in the DVD's video prologue.
  11. Turned down a chance to direct I Am Legend (2007), One Missed Call (2008), Harry Potter en de halfbloed prins (2009) and Halo to work on Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008).
  12. Turned down the chance to direct Hellraiser: Bloodline (1996).
  13. He regards Mimic (1997) as the weakest of his films and blames constant interference from the producers Bob Weinstein and Harvey Weinstein as the main reason, because they didn't respect his artistic vision. He later made peace with the film after creating a new Director's Cut.
  14. Ranked #37 on EW's The 50 Smartest People in Hollywood. [December 2007]
  15. Was asked to direct End of Days (1999), but he turned it down.
  16. His movie and comic book collection is so huge that he had to buy an extra home to accommodate it.
  17. Is good friends with director Robert Rodriguez.
  18. Cites Bride of Frankenstein (1935) as his favorite movie.
  19. His favorite albums are "The Wall" by Pink Floyd and "Security" by Peter Gabriel.
  20. In an article in USA Today (August 22, 2011), del Toro listed his six favorite fright films: Freaks (1932), The Uninvited (1944), The Innocents (1961), De zomer van de witte haai (1975), Alien (1979), and The Shining (1980).

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