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Ozzie Silna, a famous American businessman, has a net worth of $150 million dollars. With a successful career in the textile industry, Silna and his brother, Daniel, ventured into owning a basketball team. Although their team never joined the NBA, their negotiation skills led them to a lucrative deal that has earned them nearly $300 million dollars in profits from television revenue.

Key facts:

  • Ozzie Silna and his brother Daniel purchased the American Basketball League's Carolina Cougars in 1974 with the dream of owning a basketball team.
  • They renamed the team the Spirits of St. Louis and relocated it to St. Louis, Missouri, in hopes of joining the NBA when the ABA and NBA merged.
  • The Spirits of St. Louis played through the 1976 season before ultimately folding without ever joining the NBA.
  • Ozzie Silna and his brother negotiated a deal that led to them receiving $2.2 million upfront and 1/7 of the four remaining ABA teams' television revenue in perpetuity.
  • As a result, after the merger with the NBA, Ozzie Silna and his brother have profited nearly $300 million from television revenue.

Basic Information About Ozzie Silna

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Net worth$150,000,000
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