Kings of the Desert: Profiling Famous Sheikhs

Saudi Arabia calling! Prepare for a first class flight into the dazzling world of Middle Eastern sheikhs as Famous Network profiles the wealthiest and most influential royal elites across Arabian kingdoms.

Tour the sprawling palaces of billionaire princes showcasing their outrageous displays of fortune, with car garages boasting collections of diamond-encrusted Rolls Royces, personal zoos housing exotic wildlife, and even gold-plated planes.

Experience the mind-blowing ultra-luxurious lifestyles these oil-rich heirs enjoy, with escapades like renting out entire islands, acquiring social media companies on a whim, and paying Mariah Carey millions just to perform. But beyond the decadence, glimpse their more moderate sides – philanthropic efforts, modernizing reforms and desires to blend Arab traditions with Western luxuries.

Hop aboard this magic carpet ride unveiling the futures of once-mysterious desert dynastieswho have accumulated vast billion-dollar net worths.

Aishwarya Al Alsaud

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Aishwarya Al Alsaud's Net Worth is $820,000,000

Meet Aishwarya Al Alsaud: Businesswoman, Philanthropist, and Socialite If there’s one name that resonates seamlessly across the realms … Read more

Mohammed Al Amoudi

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Mohammed Al Amoudi's Net Worth is $8,300,000,000

Mohammed Al Amoudi – The Billionaire Philanthropist Mohammed Al Amoudi, an Ethiopian-born businessman, has carved his name in … Read more

Sheikh of Kuwait

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Sheikh of Kuwait's Net Worth is $600,000,000

The Remarkable Life and Legacy of Sheikh Sabah IV Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah Sheikh Sabah IV Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, … Read more

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