Wizards on Wheels: Profiling Famous Skateboarders

Grab your board and catch big air with Famous Network as we ollie into skateboarding’s history books to showcase its greatest innovators and icons who cashed in on the sport’s rise. Watch a scrawny, stubby Tony Hawk defy physics to nail the first ever 900 at age 31, pioneering possibilities for veteran shredsters and earning $140 million in career earnings.

Study street style maestros like Rodney Mullen pioneering tricks combining finesse with fearlessness on his way to a $30 million net worth. Beyond the bumps and grinds, glimpse pros’ lives outside the parks, from Bam Margera’s hilariously chaotic reality show antics to Nyjah Huston’s humble beginning riding homemade ramps behind his dad’s apartment complex before hitting it big.

Through our profiles, understand the nonconformist vision and relentless work ethic allowing extraordinary talents to master this distinctly daring sport while cashing checks along the way.

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