Need for Speed: Profiling Famous Racers

Start your engines for Famous Network’s high-octane ride retracing the record-shattering careers of racing’s most exhilarating speed demons who hauled in huge winnings and earnings! Feel the need for speed watching NASCAR champ Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s aggressive driving style that earned him $50 million in career salary and winnings.

Follow the swashbuckling trail left by Formula 1’s James Hunt living life in the international fast lane thanks to his career purses over $15 million. Take a pit stop to glimpse pros’ lives outside cars, from Mario Andretti’s love of fine wine collecting to Richard Petty’s downhome Southern hospitality at fan meet-and-greets.

Through white-knuckle profiles, understand the skill and audacity allowing these pedal-to-the-metal competitors to become motorsport immortals cherished by fans while banking substantial racing fortunes.

Corey Bohan

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Corey Bohan's Net Worth is $2,000,000

Corey Bohan: The Australian American Motorcycle Legend Corey Bohan, an Australian American professional motorcycle rider and dirt biker, … Read more

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