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Hal Douglas had a net worth of $10 million dollars. The legendary voice actor is widely known for his distinctive baritone voice which he lent to an array of commercials, trailers, and TV shows throughout his remarkable six-decade career.

Key facts:

  • Hal Douglas was a renowned American voice actor who had a successful six-decade career.
  • He started his career by producing notable voiceovers for different commercials, promos, and trailers in 195.
  • Most of his recordings started with his catchphrase "In a world..." making it easy to recognize his voice.
  • He has voiced for several documentaries and promotional content for multiple established companies such as Walt Disney.
  • Douglas was based in New York City throughout his career as a voice actor until he moved to Lovettsville, Virginia, in 1988 where he built his own studio.

Basic Information About Hal Douglas

CategoryCelebrities › Actors
ProfessionsVoice Actor
Net worth$10,000,000
Date of birth1924-09-01
Place of birthStamford
Date of death2014-03-07 (aged 89)
NationalityUnited States of America
Curiosities and TrademarksDistinctive gravelly baritone voice.
Often started trailers he narrated with the phrase "In a world ..."
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What Movie Awards did Hal Douglas win?


Golden Globe

Golder Raspberry


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Hal Douglas roles

Movie / Series Role
WaterworldNarrator (voice) (uncredited)
The HolidayMovie Trailer Narrator (voice)
Johnny BravoHal Douglas 1 episode, 2004

Hal Douglas's Quotes

  • [describing his voice] Throaty, chesty, a voice in need of clearing.
  • [on his distinctive gravelly baritone] I never thought of it as a great voice.
  • [on his voiceover work] I'm not outstanding in any way. It's a craft that you learn, like making a good pair of shoes. And I just consider myself a good shoemaker.
  • I'm not outstanding in any way. It's a craft that you learn, like making a good pair of shoes. And I just consider myself a good shoemaker.
  • Movies, particularly, fall into departments. You have an action film, you have a romantic film, you have the dark films. They all suggest an attitude and a voice quality. I don't do character voices per se, but depending upon the emotion, try to approach it as an actor.

Interesting Facts about Hal Douglas

  1. Described by a Miramax publicist as "perhaps the most recognizable trailer voice in the business."
  2. His voice can be heard in a lot of movie trailers, he's known as "In a world..." guy.
  3. He trained as a pilot and spent three years in the Navy during WWII. He wrote fiction in his free time. After the war he studied acting at the University of Miami on the GI bill.
  4. After moving to New York, he changed his last name to Douglas. He supplemented his small income from acting jobs with voice-over and announcing work on radio and television. He became much sought-after for commercials and lead-ins for TV shows.
  5. Worked for a decade in advertising prior to moving into full-time voiceover work in the mid-1960's.
  6. His parents were Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe.

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