David & Simon Reuben Net Worth


David & Simon Reuben are famous British businessmen and philanthropists with a combined net worth of $18 billion. Originally involved in separate industries, the brothers later ventured into the property market and became successful investors, accumulating significant wealth. In addition to their real estate investments, they have expanded their data center business and are known for their philanthropic efforts through the Reuben Foundation, which supports various healthcare and educational causes.

Key facts:

  • David & Simon Reuben are British businessmen and philanthropists.
  • They first gained success in the metal industry, becoming the third largest metal producer in the world.
  • They later turned their focus to the UK property market and have made significant investments in real estate.
  • The Reuben brothers are also expanding their data center business, GlobalSwitch, in Asian markets.
  • They have a strong philanthropic focus and have founded the Reuben Foundation, which supports healthcare and educational causes.

Basic Information About David & Simon Reuben

CategoryBusiness β€Ί Billionaires
Net worth$18,000,000,000
Place of birthMumbai
NationalityUnited Kingdom
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia

David & Simon Reuben Famous Network

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