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Isak Andic, the famous Spanish entrepreneur and co-founder of Mango, has accumulated an impressive net worth of $5.8 billion. Mango, which began as a clothing design and manufacturing company, has transformed into a global brand with 260 stores across 109 countries. Despite facing challenges in the past, such as a drop in sales and profits, Andic successfully introduced strategic changes and continues to lead the company to great success. In addition to his involvement with Mango, Andic also holds shares in Banco Sabadell, further contributing to his wealth.

Key facts:

  • Isak Andic is a Spanish entrepreneur.
  • He co-founded the clothing design and manufacturing company Mango in 1984.
  • Mango generates 82% of sales outside Spain and has 260 stores across 109 countries.
  • Mango introduced changes including a 20% reduction in prices, a return to basic designs, and shifting production in-house.
  • Isak's son supervises He by Mango and is the Deputy President of the company.
  • In addition to Mango, Andic also owns shares in Banco Sabadell, one of Spain's largest banking groups.
  • Andic and his family moved to Spain from Turkey in the 196s.
  • Isak Andic is one of the richest people in Spain.

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Net worth$5,800,000,000
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