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Keith Colburn, the famous American fisherman and reality television star, has a net worth of $1.5 million. He earned his wealth through his career as a commercial fisherman and his role on the documentary/reality series Deadliest Catch, which showcases the dangerous events that take place onboard fishing vessels in the Alaskan king crab and C. opilio crab fishing season.

Key facts:

  • Keith Colburn is a first generation fisherman who caught the bug for the fishing lifestyle in 1985.
  • Keith Colburn became a Deckhand on the Wizard in 1988 and worked his way up to become the Skipper by 199.
  • Keith Colburn purchased his first fishing vessel, the Sirene, in 2002 and later sold it as part of a government fleet reduction program.
  • Keith Colburn currently owns and captains one of the Bering Sea's premier crab vessels, the Wizard.

Basic Information About Keith Colburn

Net worth$1,500,000
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