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Lee Kun-Hee, the famous South Korean businessman and former CEO of Samsung Group, had a net worth of $20 billion at the time of his death in 202, making him the richest person in South Korea. He played a pivotal role in growing Samsung Electronics into the world’s largest flat screen and semiconductor producer through his focus on cutting-edge technology in the 90s.

Key facts:

  • Lee Kun-Hee was the CEO of Samsung Group, a massive South Korean conglomerate.
  • He focused on cutting-edge technology in the 90s, which propelled Samsung Electronics to become the world's largest flat screen and semiconductor producer.
  • Lee Kun-Hee played a significant role in bringing the 2018 Olympics to South Korea and sat on the International Olympic Committee.
  • He inherited Samsung Group from his grandfather, who founded the company, and placed his children and their spouses in positions of power within the company.
  • Despite facing controversy, such as his involvement in the Samsung 'Slush Fund Scandal' in 2008, Lee Kun-Hee returned to his position as CEO in 201.

Basic Information About Lee Kun-Hee

CategoryBusiness โ€บ CEOs
Net worth$20,000,000,000
Date of birth1942-01-09
Place of birthUiryeong County
Date of death2020-10-25 (aged 78)
NationalitySouth Korea
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