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Famous Norwegian actress and film director Liv Ullmann has an estimated net worth of $20 million. Ullmann has acted in a vast number of films, received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress in a Leading Role twice, directed several movies, and won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama in 1974.

Key facts:

List of key facts about Liv Ullmann:
  • Liv Ullmann is a prominent Norwegian actress and film director.
  • She starred in numerous successful films such as The Emigrants, Cries and Whispers, Face to Face, and Autumn Sonata.
  • Ullmann won a Golden Globe Award in 1974 for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama for Utvandrarna.
  • She also received Academy Award nominations in 1973 and 1977 for Best Actress in a Leading Role.
  • In addition to acting, Ullmann also directed several films including Sofie, Private Confessions, Faithless, and Miss Julie.
Liv Ullmann's career in the entertainment industry is distinguished by her exceptional talent and versatility. From her powerful portrayal of complex characters to her skilled work behind the camera, Ullmann has become a trailblazer in the world of acting and filmmaking. Her contributions to the film industry have helped shape it in countless ways, and she continues to inspire new generations of actors and directors with her groundbreaking performances and directing style.

Basic Information About Liv Ullmann

CategoryCelebrities › Actors
ProfessionsFilm Director, Actor, Writer, Screenwriter
Net worth$20,000,000
Date of birth1938-12-16 (85 years old)
Place of birthTokyo
Curiosities and TrademarksSerious, introspective characters
Her willowy and earthy beauty
Height5 ft 7 in (1.72 m)
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What Movie Awards did Liv Ullmann win?


Golden Globe

Golder Raspberry


0 0 0 0 4

Liv Ullmann awards

Award Name State Movie / Series Name Year
Audience Award - Best ActressWinnerPersona1966
David - Best Foreign Actress (Migliore Attrice Straniera)WinnerHöstsonaten1979
Jupiter Award - Best International ActressNomineeHöstsonaten1978
Golden Train Award - Best ActressWinnerViskningar och rop1972

Liv Ullmann roles

Movie / Series Role
A Bridge Too FarKate Ter Horst
PersonaElisabet Vogler
Viskningar och ropMaria / Mother
Scener ur ett äktenskapMarianne
Lost HorizonCatherine

Liv Ullmann's Quotes

  • [on working as a director] I've worked with more bad directors than good directors, and you learn by the bad ones because you find out how they destroy other peoples' fantasy life.
  • [on her frequent co-star, Max von Sydow] He is a friend I love dearly as perhaps you can only love someone you have worked with and known personally. It is a double relationship mixed into one. We haven't worked together for several years and I miss that very much.
  • Quick cuts and camera angles - they think that's film. That is not film. Film is to show people and life, and to make you know more about life than when you went in. It's not this cut, cut, cut, kill, kill, kill, sex, sex, sex...
  • The older one gets in this profession, the more people there are with whom one would never work again.
  • [on Ingrid Bergman] If possible, I admired the woman more than the actress.

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Interesting Facts about Liv Ullmann

  1. Was offered the role of "Kate Miller" in Dressed to Kill (1980) by director Brian De Palma, but turned the role down due to the violence of the theme and having a young daughter at the time.
  2. Featured on the cover of the album "See The Ocean Blue," by Blue Ocean (as/correct name: The Ocean Blue). [1996]
  3. Grew up in and went to school in Trondheim, Norway.
  4. Bebe Buell named her daughter with Steven Tyler, Liv Tyler, after Liv Ullmann because Buell saw Ullmann's picture on the cover of a magazine the week she gave birth.
  5. She claims to be the only one of Ingmar Bergman's actresses who hasn't fallen in love with Erland Josephson.
  6. Revealed on a Norwegien talk-show November 2003 that the only TV shows she watches regularly are Sex and the City (1998) and Everybody Loves Raymond (1996)
  7. President of the 'Official Competition' jury at the 54th Cannes International Film Festival in 2001.
  8. Was offered guest-starring role in the last episodes of the TV series Sex and the City (1998) that took place in Paris, France. At first she was delighted at the idea since she and her husband were both fans of the show, but when she received the script for the episodes she felt she wasn't right for the part, and backed out.
  9. On a Norwegian celebrity game-show she admitted that she one time accidentally washed her cat in the washing-machine (she managed to stop the machine before it was too late).
  10. Daughter, Linn Ullmann (born Karin Beate Ullmann on August 9, 1966), with writer/director and Liv's frequent collaborator Ingmar Bergman.
  11. Was twice nominated for Broadway's Tony Awards: in 1975, as Best Actress (Play) for a revival of "A Doll's House," by Henrik Ibsen, and in 1977, as Best Actress (Play) for a revival of "Anna Christie," by Eugene O'Neill.
  12. In 1977, she was made a Knight (Ridder) of The Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav by King Olav V; in 1994, she was promoted to Commander (Kommandør) of The Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav by King Harald V; and in May 2005, she was made Commander with Star (Kommandør med stjerne) of The Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav by King Harald V, a huge honor in Norway, which is rarely bestowed upon civilians.
  13. Member of the 'Official Competition' jury at the 31st Cannes International Film Festival in 1978.
  14. She and Ingmar Bergman made 10 movies together: Ansikte mot ansikte (1976), Höstsonaten (1978), The Passion of Anna (1969), Persona (1966), Saraband (2003), Scener ur ett äktenskap (1973), The Serpent's Egg (1977), Skammen (1968), Hour of the Wolf (1968) and Schreeuw zonder antwoord (1972).
  15. Head of the 'Official Competition' jury at the 34th Berlin International Film Festival in 1984.
  16. Outside Scandinavia she has constantly been mistaken for a Swede despite being 100% Norwegian. The reason for this is probably because non-Scandinavians don't realize how ordinary it is for Swedes and Norwegians to work across the borders in the film industry, and mainly because of her frequent collaboration with Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman. One example of this mistake is even evident here on the Internet Movie Database, where her nationality on the award page for the 2001 Cannes Film Festival (jury president) is listed as "Sweden.".
  17. 2006: Her performance as Elisabet Vogler in Persona (1966) is ranked #49 on Premiere Magazine's 100 Greatest Performances of All Time.
  18. Her name, "Liv" means life in Norwegian and Swedish.
  19. Her father died during a brain operation when Liv was six.
  20. Has a cottage on a cliff overlooking a fjord in Norway.

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