Nik Richie Net Worth


Nik Richie is an American blogger known for founding the controversial gossip site With a net worth of $10 million, he has garnered both fame and criticism for allowing users to upload photos and videos of others for comment, leading to allegations of cyberbullying.

Key facts:

  • Nik Richie is the founder of controversial gossip site
  • He started the site as a way to keep up with the town's night scene in Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • His site allows users to upload photos and videos of other people, which other users generally comment on.
  • Richie has appeared on several TV shows, including 'Dr. Phil', where he defended his site.
  • He has been married to former 'The Bachelor' winner Shayne Lamas since 201, and they have one child.

Basic Information About Nik Richie

Net worth$10,000,000
Date of birth1979-02-12 (45 years old)
Place of birthHackensack
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia

Nik Richie Famous Network

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