Siegfried And Roy Net Worth


Siegfried and Roy, the famous duo of magicians and entertainers, had a combined net worth of $120 million. They started their career in Europe before becoming naturalized American citizens and gaining worldwide fame with their incredible tiger performances in Las Vegas.

Key facts:

  • Siegfried and Roy were a former duo of magicians and entertainers.
  • They became naturalized American citizens in 1988.
  • They were noted for their work with tigers in a world-famous Las Vegas show that ran for over three decades until 2003.
  • Their magic routine included famous acts like levitating tigers and making elephants disappear.
  • In 1989, they signed a $57 million, five-year contract with The Mirage, later signing a lifetime contract that paid them a peak of $60 million per year.

Basic Information About Siegfried And Roy

Net worth$120,000,000
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