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Silas Chou, the famous Hong Kong businessman, has a net worth of $3 billion. Born into wealth, Silas Chou earned a vast fortune through wise investments, most notably his investment with business partner Lawrence Stroll in the fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger. This investment led to great success, with Hilfiger becoming enormously popular in the 199s and early 200s.

Key facts:

  • Silas Chou is a Hong Kong businessman who earned a vast fortune through wise investments in fashion brands.
  • In partnership with Lawrence Stroll, Silas bought majority control of Tommy Hilfiger in 1989, leading the brand to enormous success in the 199s and early 200s.
  • Through their company Capri Holdings, Silas and Lawrence acquired or invested in fashion brands such as Michael Kors, Karl Lagerfeld, Jimmy Choo, and Versace.
  • They oversaw the successful IPO of Michael Kors in 2011 and renamed the company Capri Holdings in 2018, which now generates around $5.5 billion in global revenue.
  • Silas was an investor when Lawrence bought the racing team Force India to form Racing Point F1 India and was a minority partner when Lawrence acquired 17% of the car company Aston Martin.

Basic Information About Silas Chou

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Net worth$2,700,000,000
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