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Tony Todd’s net worth is $8 million. Famous for his roles in films like ‘Candyman’ and ‘Final Destination’, and his voice acting in ‘The Transformers’ films, Todd’s career has spanned television, film, theatre, as well as voice acting and video games.

Key facts:

Here are the 3 key facts about Tony Todd:
  • Tony Todd is an accomplished TV and film actor, having appeared in many popular shows like 'The X-Files', 'Smallville', 'CSI: Miami', 'Hawaii Five-O', and movies such as the 'Candyman' and 'Final Destination' franchises.
  • Todd began his career in the mid-198s and has acted extensively in theatre, both on and off-Broadway. Some of his notable stage performances include 'King Hedley II' by August Wilson, 'The Captain's Tiger' by Athol Fugard, and 'No Place to be Somebody.'
  • He is also known for his voice acting work, having lent his voice to numerous films, TV shows, and video games. He voiced the character of Megatronus Prime in 'The Transformers' films.

Basic Information About Tony Todd

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Actors
ProfessionsActor, Film Producer, Voice Actor, Teacher
Net worth$10,000,000
Date of birth1954-12-04 (69 years old)
Place of birthWashington, D.C.
NationalityUnited States of America
Curiosities and TrademarksDeep baritone voice
Towering and dark, menacing stature
Candyman from the Candyman (1992) films
Height6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia β†—οΈŽ IMDb

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Tony Todd roles

Movie / Series Role
The CrowGrange
Final DestinationBludworth
Final Destination 5Bludworth
The RockCaptain Darrow
CandymanDaniel Robitaille / Candyman
Transformers: Revenge of the FallenFallen (voice)
CandymanThe Candyman / Daniel Robitaille
The Man from EarthDan
Final Destination 2Mr. Bludworth
ColorsVietnam Vet
Final Destination 3Devil (voice)
Sky SharksMajor General Frost
Lean on MeMr. William Wright
Hell FestThe Barker
HatchetReverend Zombie
Hatchet IIReverend Zombie
The Debt CollectorBarbosa
Night of the Living DeadBen
BadlandSenator Benjamin Burke
WishmasterJohnny Valentine
Reign of the SupermenDarkseid (voice)
Victor CrowleyRev. Zombie (uncredited)
Candyman: Farewell to the FleshCandyman / Daniel Robitaille
Criminal MindsEric Miller 1 episode, 2005
RiverdaleFarmer McGinty 1 episode, 2017
The FlashZoom 1 episode, 2015-2018
MacGyverZimba 1 episode, 1989
Star Trek: The Next GenerationKurn 3 episodes, 1990-1991
The X FilesAugustus Cole 1 episode, 1994
21 Jump StreetAaron Jackson 1 episode, 1987
ChuckCIA Director Graham 10 episodes, 2007-2011
Dota: Dragon's BloodSlyrak 5 episodes, 2021
Xena: Warrior PrincessCecrops 1 episode, 1997
Room 104The Father 1 episode, 2017
Night CourtMr. Crumrine 1 episode, 1989
Made in HollywoodSelf 1 episode, 2018
CSI: MiamiSergeant Marcus Cawdrey 1 episode, 2002
Law & OrderReverend Ott 1 episode, 1994
WerewolfCharlie 1 episode, 1987
Star Trek: Deep Space NineAdult Jake Sisko / ... 2 episodes, 1995-1996
SmallvilleEarl Jenkins 1 episode, 2001
Murder, She WroteNational Security Agent Nathan Mitchell 1 episode, 1996
PsychDet. Moses Johnson 1 episode, 2009
Scream: The TV SeriesLuther 3 episodes, 2019
The Young and the RestlessGus Rogan 14 episodes, 2013
Transformers PrimeDreadwing 8 episodes, 2012
SvengoolieSelf - Guest (2020 airing) 1 episode, 2006
Beverly Hills, 90210Dr. Julius Tate 1 episode, 1996

Tony Todd's Quotes

  • It's very interesting that most of the roles I've gotten are grim, when I'm actually a very well-adjusted man and had a happy upbringing. I guess there are some dark shadows somewhere in there, but I'm a big kid.
  • Night of the Living Dead (1990)' was my first starring role. First lead. And I remember I was in Pittsburgh doing something for HBO/Showtime-they were merged at the time, and I remember watching the original at a drive-in, and being really impressed that a) you had a black actor on screen played by Duane Jones, who was carrying the movie, and b) it was genuinely scary. You had the black-and-white, and it looked like a documentary. So I ran into the office-I found the production office-and I grabbed [director]Tom Savini by his lapels, literally, and said, "You got to read me. You got to read me." He tried to tell me I was close, I said, "You got to read me." And I just laid it out, and he gave me the job that day. So that was important for me. Later, my son was born too, during that, and that was significant.
  • (2010 -- on landing Candyman (1992)) I had just done a film where I had gone to Africa for the first time, so I was all into that. Then I get a call one day, I was getting a lot of work at this point, a lot of television, we were booking easily twice a month, but I didn't know I was successful yet, because I was worried about my little baby. Anyway, I get a call from my agent saying "This director wants to see you, wants to just meet you about this movie called Candyman (1992)." I thought he was fucking joking. I mean, what is that? A Sammy Davis thing? What is that? He said, "No no no. They won't give us the script, but they said it's a major studio film, and they want to just meet you." I said, "Okay." And I met Bernard Rose, who's a crazy maniacal Englishman who had a habit of twisting his hair between his fingers. He said, "I saw your film that you did in Africa, and you're my guy. The only problem is, we got to convince the studio." So I knew I had his blessings, and he slipped me a copy of the script. I read it, and word leaked out to me, it was the whole thing of the urban mythology, and the fact that this was a possibility of an African-American, I don't know, icon, but a horror figure. 'Cause I was heavy into the whole Dracula, Phantom of the Opera thing. I had to do what they call a "Personality Test," where I had to go to the studio at literally 8 in the morning, in front of a bunch of suits, and display whether I had a personality. So I did my best not to spill the coffee or insult them, and at the end of it, I heard they didn't think I had a personality. They said, "Well, we don't know if he has personality, but if you believe that he can do the film... Okay... Are you sure? He said, "Yeah. That's the guy." And then the last hurdle was meeting Virginia Madsen, who's from the Chicago area, and she just had it in her contract that she had to sign off on me. Then we met, went to lunch, and she said "Yes," and that was it. And I remember we came here to Chicago, and it was my first time in Chicago, we went to the Kingston Mines, me and Bernard, listening to some great blues. Keith Richards stopped by that night, and he was just saying, "This role is going to change your life." And at the time, I'm going "Okay, I've heard this before. I've done some things. I've had some life interruptions, but change my life? I'm going to do the best I can, but I don't know if your ego is stating that this is going to change my life." But in fact, he was right, because not a day goes by, to this day, 17 years later, without people, I mean multiple people, coming up and saying "Candyman!" Which amazes me, because usually film does not have that much of an attention span.
  • (On shooting The Prophecy: Forsaken (2005) in Romania) It wasn't a great experience for me. I didn't like Romania. It was right after the wall came down, and you got wild dogs roaming the street, and everybody's a Gypsy. Everybody's related to Dracula. It was seven weeks there. I just got tired. And I think the whole time, I only saw one other African-American there. Yeah... I was homesick.

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Interesting Facts about Tony Todd

  1. Often used as the narrative voice on many film and television trailers.
  2. Has played characters on three of the Star Trek television series: Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987) (as Kurn, brother of Worf), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993) (as Kurn and as an older Jake Sisko, son of Captain Benjamin Sisko), and Star Trek: Voyager (1995) (as an Alpha Hirogen, a race of intergalactic "big-game" hunters).
  3. Best known as the hook-handed Candyman from the Candyman (1992) films.
  4. Won the role of Ben in Night of the Living Dead (1990) out of many contenders, including Laurence Fishburne, Ving Rhames and Eriq La Salle.
  5. Was considered for the role of Dr. Peter Benton on ER (1994), which went to Eriq La Salle.
  6. Attended and graduated from the University of Connecticut.
  7. Brother of Monique Dupree.
  8. Has made guest appearances on all three of the longest running North American science fiction series: The X Files (1993), Stargate SG-1 (1997) and Smallville (2001).
  9. Lives in Long Beach, California.
  10. Though young bees that were thought unable to sting were used in Candyman, he was still stung 26 times during filming.
  11. Was considered for the role of Dormammu in Doctor Strange.
  12. He is a serious supporter of American Military Veterans.
  13. No relation to his "Lean On Me" co-star Beverly Todd, despite a popular misconception.
  14. His stage work includes "12 Angry Men", in which he portrayed Juror #12 (The Snob).

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